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Breaking Blue's long awaited 3rd album. Titled for the song "Perfidy" based off a true story about a soldier stationed in New Mexico shortly after the civil war.


released June 21, 2013



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Breaking Blue Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Crooked as the Years Go By
The sun sinks down to the ground wind rustles the pines.
Birds make their twilight sounds as we drink in the last days sunshine.
I know we've had better days and harder times ahead.
One day we'll look back on this beautiful sunset.

Crooked as the years go by
We'll look back on these days as the best of our lives,
We have learned how to survive.
Crooked as the years go by.

Turn down the lights and get in bed. You hold me close, we look ahead.
Play back the day, how I wish we could stay, but time has his way.
I know we've had better days and harder times ahead
one day we'll look back on these moments we have shared

Crooked as the years go by
We'll look back on these days as the best of our lives
We have learned how to survive
Crooked as the years go by.
Track Name: Nap Time
I'll be in the bedroom listening to the radio
You'll stay in the living room watch your favorite show
Tired of hanging round this drafty worn out house
waiting for the spring to come and warm our souls again

So come to bed baby
we'll dream this day away
come to bed baby
we'll let it slip away.

Another week come and gone watching the days go by
Waiting till the paycheck come and bills are satisfied
Tired of hanging round this hot and sticky house
Waiting for the rains to come and cool our souls again.

Same old song and dance.
Will you dance with me?
Track Name: Reflections
It's light began before this world a star so far away barely twinkles.
The moon shines behind and casts a shadow
What do I see? A light defined by an echo.

These things are too big to understand so like a child I just hold your hand.
Lose my fear of what this world might think, let myself go.
Remember to believe.

Spider spins her web silently. She creates a masterpiece.
Catches drops of dew in the morning light
Natures jewelry. Designed to ensnare the unsuspecting.

Am I caught in a soul saving lie, somewhere between
Purgatory and Divine
Lose my fear of what this world might think, let myself go.
Remember to believe.

I could have walked with you if that's what we decide, I'd be content.
A romance with the moon and stars won't be satisfied, how could I agree
to never see a sunrise.
Track Name: No Promises
So I'll stay right here and I'll let you go.
If you promise me, no Promises.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
Time has just become our enemy.
It seems we're right where we're supposed to be
but baby I still miss you.

There's a song that I'm suppose to write
and a mountain that you've gotta climb.
All it takes is just some patience with time
but baby I still miss you

Blessings are hard to see when hearts are heavy.
How could a longer road provide so much peace?
Sunshines more beautiful when skies are cloudy
but baby I still miss you.
Track Name: Blackest Crow
As time draws near my dearest dear when you and I must part
How little you know of the grace and awe in my poor aching heart?
Each night I suffer for your sake you're the one I love so dear.
I wish that I was going with you or you were staying here.

I wish my breast were made of glass wherein you might behold
Upon my heart your name lies wrote in letters made of gold.
In letters made of gold my love believe me when I say.
You are the one that I'll adore until my dying day.

The Blackest Crow that ever flew would surely turn to white
If ever I prove false to you, bright day will turn to night.
Bright day will turn to night my love, the elements will mourn.
If ever I prove false to you the seas will rage and burn.

And when you're on some distant shore think of your absent friend.
And when the wind blows high and clear a line to me pray send.
And when the wind blows high and clear pray send a note to me
That I might know by your handwrite how time has gone with thee.
Track Name: Perfidy
At one o'clock a shot rang out by the colonels door.
I rushed out to find the cause and I found her standing there.
The pistol was in his hand her lover on the floor
He had just breathed his last, shot right through the heart.

So stand to your glasses steady
this world is a world of lies.
Here's a health to the dead already
three cheers for the next man that dies.

I remained until the last, he repented before he died.
He little thought he would be the next, we buried them side by side.
Her husband and her lover lay forever there to dwell
caught in the dirt of the earth between heaven and hell.

A few yards marched with muffled drums
Three volleys ore the grave.
Track Name: Were I to Close My Eyes
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep.

Dream a little dream tonight
Dream a dream for me.
Play the song I love to hear before I fall asleep.

Twelve oh oh says the red
Why can't I just rest this head?
Be blind to the passage of time that's going by?

Yellow light falls on this lonely room
I hold my dreams ransom tonight
held hostage to the passage of time that's going by.

Momentary satisfaction in dream
closing my eyes in vain.
Pretend that the time is my friend keeps going by.
Track Name: Look On and Cry
My dearest friend, it's fare you well.
You slighted me, but I wish you well.
If never no more, your face I'll see.
I would serve you like you served me.

You caused me to weep, you caused me to moan.
If you satisfied, I never could be.
To save my cheeks and tears for thee,
Oh can't you shed one tear for me

My dearest friend, my harmless dove
I hope to meet you in the world above
And when we meet in peace we'll be
My dearest friend, remember me.

And when I'm dead and laid to rest
Remember the one that loved you best
and when you pass by where I lie
Look on my grave, look on and cry.

And now we've laid her down to rest
beside the one that loves her best
and as you pass by where she lies.
You'll sing this song look on and cry.

Remember friends as you pass by
As you are once was I
As I am you are to be.
So get prepared and follow me.
Track Name: Every Low Valley
Every low valley will be lifted higher
Every high mountain will bow down.
Every eye will marvel at the splendor
Every knee will bow at the trumpet sound.

Wake up oh sleeper
Rise from the dead
Joy comes in in the morning
Never fear again.

He will wipe away the tears from your eyes.
No more death no sorrow, nor crying
There shall be no more suffering
for the former has passed away.